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Typical Emirati food

Posted by אביבית אסולין on 15/10/2020

Do you know your karak from your chebab? Can you t ell your lugaimat from your labneh? While Dubai is renowned for incredible dining options, local Emirati cuisine stands apart. Make your way to some of the many Emirati restaurants and sample the delicious dishes on offer. Here are some to get you started.

Camel: served in a variety of ways – often dished up with rice or made into burgers.

Dates: delicious, sweet fruit often stuffed with other goodies, such as nuts.

Fouga deyaya rice dish with grilled chicken marinated in Emirati spices.

Gahwatraditional Arabic coffee, often served from a ‘dallah’ pot.

Harees: boiled, cracked, or ground wheat, mixed with meat and seasoned.

Kabsa: basmati rice and meat, infused with saffron and nutmeg and other spices.

Karak chaia mixed-spice tea that originated in the Indian subcontinent.

Luqaimat: sweet and sticky dumplings, drizzled with date syrup.

Shorbat adasa delicious, delicately-spiced lentil soup – often a first course.

Shuwaaslow cooked lamb, roasted nuts, raisins and rice – also known as ‘ouzi’.

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