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Traditional arts and handicrafts

Posted by אביבית אסולין on 15/10/2020

Local arts and handicrafts are still commonly practiced in Dubai and around the UAE. Many examples can be found among the boutique shops around the Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhoods, with modern, artistic iterations often on show at various galleries within Alserkal Avenue.

CalligraphyThe Arabic alphabet the second most widely used across the globe. This decorative way of writing is known as khatt, which derives from the word for ‘line’, ‘design’, or ‘construction’.

HennaOriginally worn by brides across the region to bring good luck to their marriage, henna body art remains a popular beauty treatment in Dubai to this day.

Perfumery: The Arab world is known for bold fragrances and many modern perfume brands combine traditional base aromas with a multitude of modern notes. Visit Al Shindagha Museum  to find out all about the art of perfumery.

Pottery: People have been working with clay since the third millennium BCE. Aside from decorative vases and incense containers, earthen pots remain highly effective for cooling drinking water.

Weaving: Belts, saddles, tents, baskets and more. The traditional weaving technique known as Al Sadu used goat or sheep’s wool or camel hair to craft a range of essential items.

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