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Short-Term Property Management Company

Posted by אביבית אסולין on 17/10/2020

It is vital to be aware of them prior to choosing property management company as a career or adding more entries to your current portfolio. Here are the most important responsibilities of  a property management company:

Property marketing

A vacant property is bad for any type of rental business. It, essentially, means no income at the end of the month. It’s for this reason many homeowners choose to hire an experienced property management company to help them fill their vacant units.

property management companies are responsible for promoting your vacant properties. There are many techniques to do so.

One of the easiest methods is to register the property on top listing websites. There are literally hundreds of them to choose from. In no order of importance, some examples of common rental listing sites include:

  • Airbnb
  • HomeAway
  • Craigslist
  • Kijiji
  • Flipkey
  • Wimdu
  • Booking

The goal is to choose sites that will cater to the kind of guests you’re looking for.

Another way to market your properties is to utilize social media. There are generally two ways to go about this. One is through content creation, where you frequently publish high-quality posts to your potential target audience; and the other is through running ads.

You could also market their properties by creating a website and driving traffic to it.

Suitable Rental Rate

The way to price a rental can determine how easy or tough it can be to find a guest. Setting the proper rate can do wonders for your vacation rental’s success, while a bad one can do just the opposite.

How to find the perfect rate? Pricing a rental at a much higher cost will not get you many bookings. If a guest can get a comparable property for a lesser cost, in most cases, they would take it. However, if you want to charge guests a higher rent price, you may be able to do so if the property provides some uniqueness.

Aside from understanding the competition, another thing to consider is the property’s selling points. Here, you’ll note down some of the features that may influence the higher rate.

A home that has things like granite countertops, an island, or a well-finished cabinet will command better rates than kitchens with linoleum and Formica.

Communication with current and potential clients

When responding to a guest inquiry, the management company has be fast. In the past, it was okay to respond within 24 hours. However, with today’s increased competition, responding later than an hour can cost you potential business.

Calendar Sync

To avoid renting out the same listings on the same dates to guests utilizing different channels to make their reservations, you’ll need to align the calendars on all of your channels to accurately reflect your bookings. This means that if you got a booking through Airbnb, you need to block off the dates of that reservation on all of your other channels so that other travelers won’t think your listing is available on those dates. In order to avoid double bookings, which usually results in bad reviews and can be quite damaging to your business, you need to stay on top of this task at all times. A channel management tool that syncs your calendars across all of your channels can be extremely helpful here.

Enchasing Guest Experience

There are measures beyond providing quick responses and ensuring your rentals are properly prepared before each check-in to enhance your guests’ experiences and have them raving about your rentals. Integrating home automation technologies, allowing your guests to use keyless entry, or providing welcome boxes or customized travel recommendations can make your rentals unforgettable to guests and encourage them to recommend your accommodations to other travelers, leave you glowing reviews and even return on subsequent vacations.

There are, of course, plenty more responsibilities you’ll be taking on as a property manager, including processing payments and distributing salaries to your team, but these are the primary tasks you’ll be facing on a day-to-day basis. The good news is that a lot of the work can be automated or made simpler through software solutions. The better news is that the reward you’ll get for investing in your business will be well worth the effort.

Investment realization

Rent management allows the investor to maximize his profit from the purchase of the property to its realization. Appreciation value is influenced first of all by local and urban value increase, condition of the apartment, and the level of rental fees. Quality rent management is providing the owner continuously with all necessary advice and information and is crucial to achieve maximum optimization of the investment. We strongly support an active rent management policy to achieve the appreciation value of our client’s properties in Dubai.

Transparency of information

Rent management services, which we provide to our loyal customers reflect our concept: we spare no effort to maximize our clients’ investment in the city. For this purpose, we use an online rent collecting system with full transparency to our clients also showing the transfer of the rent to their bank account. This activity is carried out by an Internet interface available to our clients who can access it using a personal password.



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