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Registration & Permit

Posted by אביבית אסולין on 16/10/2020

For individual operators, such as homeowners or tenants, the first step is to register themselves on the DTCM website. They can do so through the Holiday Homes section of the DTCM website, and register as a ‘Homeowner’.

To register on the DTCM website, individual operators will need to upload copies of their Emirates ID or passport and fill out the required information. The registration fee as an individual operator is AED 1,520.

Once a homeowner is registered on the DTCM website, they can apply for the necessary permit for their property. Homeowners should bear in mind that they can apply for DTCM permits for a maximum of eight properties. If they wish to acquire permits for more properties, they will be required to obtain a trade license and register as a professional operator.

When applying for a DTCM permit for short-term rentals, homeowners will be required to upload the title deed of the property as well as the DEWA bill under the owner’s name.

However, if a tenant is subletting a property on a short-term basis, they will be required to upload additional documents, including:

  • The lease agreement, which also mentions the sub-leasing clause
  • NOC from the owner, which must be in the DTCM template
  • Owner’s passport or Emirates ID

The DTCM permit fees for short-term rental apartments and villas are as follows:

  • Studio or 1-bedroom: AED 370
  • 2-bedroom: AED 670
  • 3-bedroom: AED 970
  • 4-bedroom and above: AED 1,270

This DTCM permit for short-term rent in Dubai is valid for one year and must be renewed annually.

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