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Planning to invest in Dubai Real Estate? Minimize Your Risk with Our 5 Check Points

Posted by rachit on 17/09/2021

What comes to the mind of a first time investor who has never invested in real estate? Fear? They consider it risky worried they will end up with unstable debt. Many worry because they are not well versed with the market movements and lack of knowledge of the Dubai real estate market. In fact, investing in property is not a risky proposition, as long as the right steps are being taken in terms of information gathering, work with the right professional to ensure that it is not too early before taking the first step.

Here at Sweet Home Real Estate Investments GmbH we have highlighted a few pointers that can reduce the risk when investing in real estate in Dubai. We encourage our clients to consider them before taking the next step in property investment in the Dubai real estate market.

Proper Research:

The world has changed, information is now available at your fingertips and one can access information about properties with an easy click from the comfort of their home. Find out more about developers/development/areas before proceeding. Which areas are popular, which developers have a good track record, read about developments and buildings?

Research what promotions are offered by the developers i.e. long term payment plans, registration fee waiver, service fee waiver. You can get more information on various projects by connecting with an experienced real estate agent who has access to knowledge such as the quality of work and the average time taken to complete any project as well as the financials associated with any investment.

Try Not To Take Too Much Advantage of Yourself:

Make sure you set aside some funds before investing in property in Dubai which acts as a buffer for you when unforeseen circumstances arise that delay property leasing or resale. The only thought process for having extra money is that in case of emergency you don’t need to take hasty decisions and your investments will give you good returns and you will not fall into the trap of short term downturns in the market.

Get Expert Advice:

One cannot become an expert just by doing online research, as it gives you an idea about the property market, or in most cases, confuses investors even more with the variety of options available. Talking to an expert helps guide you through the various.

Clients sometimes want to save a few dollars by not taking the advice or services of professional real estate agents and most often make the wrong decision. An expert real estate agent is experienced and has a skill set that will help you save both time and money. The real estate expert will help you with their expertise to guide you in property pricing, location, reputable developers, better payment plan options, negotiation skills that will help you make the right decision.

Always Make sure the Documentation is Correct:

Always make sure you read and consult with your expert real estate agent before signing any sale and purchase documents. Especially if you are a first time buyer it would be better to consult an expert to guide you through the agreements, as some of them run in 30 – 40 pages.

Don't be Too Early, but Don't be Too Late:

Many a times it happens that while buying your dream home or investing for the first time you tend to take quick decisions without consulting a real estate agent or doing proper research and in the end you get emotional and make a down payment. As a result of which you are either incurring a huge loss as an investor or you are paying more for the property, or you are not getting what you anticipated. Do the calculations and discuss it with your real estate agent before proceeding.

It may even take you so long that a property that was actually a good deal sells out and you end up buying something that wasn’t your first choice.

We hope this short article is helpful, if you are interested in finding out more about investing in the Dubai property market and seeking advice from Sweet Home Real Estate Investments GmbH’s expert real estate agents please do not hesitate to contact us.

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