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Nightlife & Clubs in Dubai

Posted by אביבית אסולין on 15/10/2020

Located in the middle of the Persian Gulf, Dubai is undoubtedly one of the most modern and rich cities of the United Arab. This metropolis is a series of futuristic skyscrapers, hotel, huge shopping malls, with shops, parks, swimming pools and even artificial indoor ski slopes, where you can ski even when outside there are forty degrees! Dubai is a paradise for glitz and the unbridled luxury, and all this is reflected in its amazing nightlife, catapulting the city into of the world’s top ten destinations for nightlife!

With tourism booming and strong about 20 million visitors a year, Dubai has become the preferred destination for businessmen and wealthy tourists every weekend flock to the numerous nightclubs in Dubai. The metropolis of the UAE offers a wide choice of spectacular ultra-modern bars and clubs which compete with each other and regularly host evenings with the most famous international DJs. Extravagant and excessive, the Dubai nightlife It offers the right kind of environment for a unique experience and at the same time wild.

Most of the bars and nightclubs in Dubai are located within the hotel complexes, the only structures that can serve alcohol. Although it is strictly forbidden the street alcohol consumption, Dubai you can drink freely in various nightclubs. The legal age for drinking in Dubai 21 years and the nightlife often adhere to this rule very strictly. For visitors simply show your passport at the entrance, while residents simply an identity card or driver’s license. Some clubs allow entry only to people of age or older 25 years, It is advisable to check before you plan a night. If you’re drinking program, be sure to take a cab back to the hotel: the Emirates have zero tolerance for anyone driving under the influence and if the police will pick, go directly to jail.

By law, the clubs can remain open only until 3.00. Most people come to the 22-23 and the time of greatest turnout is usually around 1.00 am, so keep in mind those times when planning your evening, as After the 3.00 it is impossible to find an open nightclub.

Clubs and nightclubs in Dubai

White Dubai  (Meydan Racecourse Grandstand Rooftop, Nad Al Sheba 1, Dubai) Located on the roof of the grandstand Circuito at Meydan, The White Dubai is the biggest club in the city and exclusive. The roof, offering an incredible view of the city skyline, is an open space and high-tech ultra-modern that has become one of the most popular destinations of Dubai nightlife: nights full of energy, thumping

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Going out in the evening in Dubai

Dubai has a real old town or an area dedicated to nightlife where are concentrated the bars and discos. The district with the greatest nightlife is Medinat Jumeirah, a residential area and hotels where there are numerous bars and nightclubs where luxury and glitz are the masters. The roads inside the complex exude the atmosphere of a traditional market, the reason why the area is

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