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About Us

We specialize in apartments and buildings in Dubai.

We offer a range of opportunities for different investor profiles. Among our clients are private investors who purchase a number of apartments for investment or profitable buildings throughout the city area.

Let us guide you through and assist with achieving the highest return on investment for your future property in Dubai.

We welcome you to ask any questions or raise any concerns so we can work mutually to find the right possible investment variant – for you to enjoy the highest return on the investment and potentially enjoy your property whenever desired.

Our Expertise

  • Representing a range of private and institutional investors in all investment opportunities in the Dubai capital.
  • Searching for objects to match the requirements of our clients.
  • Technical and legal ‘Due Diligence’
  • Negotiating with the property owner. Accompanying and guiding the purchase process until its completion; assistance in legal and commercial matters.
  • Financial planning and arranging of necessary funds.

Other competences

  • Organizing ‘purchase groups’ for joint purchase of residential buildings
  • Carrying out parceling processes while taking into consideration the interests of the initial investors and the group members, with the purpose to enhance the investment value.

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