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Posted by אביבית אסולין on 15/10/2020

Welcome to Dubai, where world comes to work, play, shop.

trade, and let its hair down. The growth witnessed by the Arabian Travel Market (ATM, whose 26th edition began yesterday in Dubai) is emblematic of the progress that Dubai has seen over the decades. What began in 1994 with representatives from 52 nations deploying 300 exhibitors to host 7,000 trade visitors has now evolved into a giant industry event that facilitates $2.5 billion in industry deals and attracts 2,500 exhibitors from 153 countries.

As Dubai pulls all the stops to gear up for Expo 2020, the global event that will fast-track growth of not just Dubai and the UAE’s but the entire region’s travel and tourism sector, events like the ongoing, four-day ATM are indicative of what to expect. The future of travel and hospitality, as demonstrated by ATM, is digital, with everything from travel bookings to advertising campaigns deploying technology to enhance visitor experience. The story of Dubai’s transformation from a sleepy fishing village to a metropolis bustling with activity is one of vision, passion, determination and improvisation. Now it is leveraging the power of digitization to move to the next level.

Local Culture & Heritage People often forget about the cultural heritage of Dubai. From the world’s largest manmade island to the otherworldly Museum of the Future , Dubai is a glass-and-steel preview of the future. The city is regularly (and rightfully) celebrated for its superb planning and vision, as well as its cutting-edge modernity. But as ambitious as the city might seem, Dubai isn’t just the city from the not-too-distant future.

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Things To Do In Dubai

Dubai is home to many billionaires from across the world and many rich and powerful people travel to live the high-life there. While in Dubai, they love to flaunt their wealth and enjoy luxuries that can be found nowhere else. From vending machines that throw out gold bars to gold and diamond-studded cellphones that cost as much as some apartments, if you can imagine the wildest of luxuries, it probably already exists Dubai. Here we gathered

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